Creative Direction, Animation as well as Shading and Lighting (Intro Section).

Project Description

Ditroit reached out to Yambo to create a video for a full CGI Product Showcase Video for Hydraink - A revolutionary lipstick - An outcome of fine research development, based on a complex nano-technology. while the color of the lipstick is driven by a mobile app 

Thanks so much for having me!

Hydraink — Product Showcase.gif
Hydraink_anim_yambo_v05_senzaAnello (00415).jpg
master_color 3_Hydraink � Product Showcase pre_2019-06-12_13.25.53.jpg
Hydraink — Product Showcase_2.gif
master_color 3_Hydraink � Product Showcase pre_2019-06-12_13.26.23.jpg
master_color 3_Hydraink � Product Showcase pre_2019-06-12_13.26.53.jpg
master_color 3_Hydraink � Product Showcase pre_2019-06-12_13.27.03.jpg
master_color 3_Hydraink � Product Showcase pre_2019-06-12_13.27.13.jpg

Ditroit was also tasked to shoot a real footage moodfilm, which also contains assets from our 3D-Imagefilm.

Hydraink — Product Showcase_3.gif



Client: Hydraink

Direction: Ditroit + Yambo Studio
Creative Direction: Salvatore Giunta, Yambo, Mariusz Becker, Philip Lück
3D-Artists: Mariusz Becker, Philip Lück, Yambo, Rory McLean
Simulations: Dave Stewart
Lighting & Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
Lipstick Model: Enrico Albanese
UI: Christian Cabiddu, Saar Oz
Producer: Noemi Bugli
Project Lead: Riccardo D’Alessandri

Audio: Smider