Sunlight will always be my favourite kind of light.
The patterns it can form, when shining through the window, or being blocked by buildings in the evening. 
For a bigger project I wanted to recreate this kind of light and the feeling it evokes. 
Here are some of my lighting tests done in Cinema4D with Octane Render. 

diving in


has always been this really unconquerable thing to me, something I'll never learn and will never even need to use.
But with being driven to create all sorts of effects that somehow seem 'easy' to achieve in houdini I knew that someday I had to dive in. 

That beind said resources were always pretty hard to understand and somewhat limited at least for someone like me
that's not very proficient when it comes to coding in general. 

Then Entagma came along and made Houdini somewhat accesible to people like me, those that are interested in interesting visuals and not complicated simulations in the first place. And by no means I am even a beginner after watching their tutorials, but they helped me a lot to get a grasp of how to think when working in houdini. I hope I'll find the time to dive further into it and start to build my own setups from scratch. 
Till then Ileave you with a few images that came out of the tutorials.

Thanks a lot for your efforts, Moritz and Manuel! 

to be continued...


Last summer my girlfriend started a semester abroad in Granada, Spain.
During that time I tried to visit her as much as I could and worked off my laptop.
Quickly I fell in love with the city and could not stop taking pictures.
Here I want to share my favorite ones with you. All of them are taken with my iPhone 6, if anyone is interested.
(click on the images to maximize)